The Orthodox Union currently uses Transcending Solutions for various major IT projects. We also employ several of their employees and we look forward to continue using their many services as needed. The work ethic and diligence of their employees are exemplary. I have never met a more responsible, goal-driven group. They take their roles seriously and are passionate about their results. I have the deepest personal and professional respect for the Transcending Solutions team.

Sam Davidovics
Chief Information Officer,
Orthodox Union

Transcending Solutions is a professional company with a real commitment to provide excellent technical expertise and incredibly good customer service. Their quick turnaround time and personalized service keeps us dedicated to doing business with them regularly. The staff of TSI are easy to work with, reliable and competent. After working with them for 3 years I highly recommend them to any company with IT needs.

Jack Gourdji
Executive Director,
Jewish Union Foundation

My experience with TSI has been one of professionalism, conscientious time management and overall pleasantness which is hard to find these days. The patience, caring, integrity and reliability of their work are robust as is the friendliness of working with the staff, and feeling as if they are preoccupied with your concerns on a 24/7 basis.

I strongly recommend their services, and I plan to have them on call for the long term. They make you feel as if your concerns are their concerns and they are always ready to commit themselves to completing any project given to them on a timely basis.

Michael Rosner
63 Joe Inc

As an Administrator for a special needs school, PC performance and tech needs are of utmost importance. Having the Transcending Solutions team available for set up and on-site service makes doing business with them desirable. The best thing about working with Transcending Solutions is that everyone makes sure to understand exactly what is needed for our school. They keep us going so our school keeps running. Thank you, Transcending Solutions, for all that you do for us!

Miriam Reifer
School Administrator,
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